Areas We Cover

Hampshire is a great blend of the bustling city, beautiful coast and stunning country, we are truly blessed here to have the natural beauty of two National Parks, heritage at its heart and many festivals, attraction and trips to experience. Our county is famous for its Victorian resort towns e.g. Ventor, Ryde & Sandown, world-renowned gardens e.g. Upton Grey Gardens, Bramdean House Gardens & Longstock Park Water Gardens. For over 25 years Hog Roast Liphook have been catering for people in the area, whether it’s a formal sit-down wedding or a casual family gathering, you can count on our staff being professional and prepared.

Below are the towns and cities we cover, however we are always happy to travel further afield just to bring our bespoke menus to you. From Tadley to Milford on Sea and everything in-between! With our county having a large coast there have been more than a few famous ships sailing from our harbours, e.g. Southampton was the original departure point for Mayflower and the very famous Titanic!

Hampshire is the home to Winchester, which has been made famous due to one of the oldest cathedrals, Winchester Cathedral, this ancient city was once the capital of England. Many legends have walked the streets of Winchester including William the Conqueror, Alfred the Great and even King Arthur. Every city is famous because of a very special reason. Hampshire’s reason is because it is the birthplace of Jane Austen and Charles Dickens, both known worldwide for being great English novelists! Jane Austen’s gravestone can still be visited to this day at Winchester Cathedral, and her house in nearby Chawton, where she wrote “Pride and Prejudice”!

Whether your event is being held at the top of the Spinnaker Tower (UK’s tallest publicly accessible building outside of London) or at the Highclere Castle (featured in Downton Abbey) we can provide our catering services to you, with our experience and equipment making Hog Roast Liphook fully reliable and self-sufficient.

Hampshire is famous for its lamb, beef and surprisingly watercress, here at Hog Roast Liphook we don’t just supply pork, we can serve lamb, beef, fish and more. Most of Hampshire’s pork came from the New Forest, where the pigs would graze on acorns, beech mast and apples from the orchards. Rasher puddings were very popular, a suet-based pudding that included scraps of meat and bread, Hampshire Haslet was another favourite dish as it was simple to make.