Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Hog Roast Catering Hampshire. We are an event catering company specialising in hog roast catering based in Salisbury and Ringwood. Before you decide to have a hog roast for your event, please read through this FAQ so that you have a clearer idea of what to expect when choosing us as your caterers.

1. What is hog roasting?

A hog can be roasted in one of two ways. It can be skewered on a pole and rotated over a flame or it can simply be roasted in a large oven known as a hog roast machine. The first technique is probably more popular thanks in no small part to popular culture – you have probably seen in movies whole hogs being roasted over a fire on a desert island somewhere. This process is known as spit roasting.

The second process, and not to be confused with spit roasting, is simply known as hog roasting. With this technique, the whole hog is merely placed into one of our adaptable hog roast machines and cooked over a low flame.

2. Spit roasting and hog roasting – What’s the difference?

Spit roasting is probably more popular simply because it is more theatrical than hog roasting. There is no greater sight as a party than a whole hog rotating on a skewer. It makes for a fantastic ice breaker at any party and will surely get the conversation flowing. As for hog roasting, it may not have the razzle dazzle of spit roasting but the end result no matter which procedure you choose is a succulent and tasty meal.

3. What is a hog roasting machine?

A hog roasting machine can be thought of as a large oven. All of our machines are built to cater for spit roasts, though the machine can also transform into an oven or even a barbecue. With the hog roasting process, the pig is simply placed onto a tray and then slid into the oven and cooked over a low flame.

Hog roast machines come in a variety of shapes – some rectangular, others cylindrical. All are portable, have retractable legs and do not require electricity, and can thus be used anywhere.

4. How many people can a hog roast serve?

Using one 50kg pig, a hog roast can serve between one hundred and sixty to two hundred guests. Large or small pigs can be provided to suit your requirements.

5. Where does the pig come from?

All of our pigs are locally reared and sourced from farms in Hampshire, meaning you’re getting 100% British every time.

6. Are the hog roast machines safe? Are they easy to use?

Absolutely – All of our machines are CE marked and have been tested rigorously. Even the most novice of chefs can operate them – though all machines when delivered come with an instructional DVD which not only shows you how to construct them in under ten minutes but also provides instructions on how to cook a variety of other meats.

7. How many people can one pig feed?

On average a large pig (weighing around 50kg) will feed 160-200 people into bread rolls or 100 people onto plates. We can also provide larger or smaller pigs to meet your needs.

8. Will you be able to fit your machine into my home?

Our hog roast machines are specially designed and built with this is mind. They are roughly are 700mm wide to fit through standard doorways and have removable legs allowing us to get the machine into all venues with no difficulty.

9. If I hire a machine and I need more gas where can I get this from?

Extra bottles of gas can be purchased from us at a price of £25 per bottle.

10. Where is your meat from?

All of our meat is from local farmers who ensure that the meat is of the highest standards. Each catering team uses ONLY meat which is 100% British and locally sourced. Ensuring your roast is of the highest standards.