Hog Roast Alresford

Hog Roast AlresfordHog roast Alresford is the leading catering business in the area of this type, we offer you an alternative from the hum drum choice of standard catering firms that offer you the same old thing we give you an option and the chance to have something different at your event. Hog roast Alresford can cater any size function from a small family BBQ to events on a larger scale such as a Wedding or Birthday celebration we also cater for Work Meets, Fetes, Charity events or any other occasion we have failed to mention. Hog roasting really is the simple way to provide your guests with stunning food with less hassle to you and your guests. We guarantee there is no finer way to eat than your very own traditional hog roast and we can offer you the choice of hiring your own machine with hog roast hire Alresford covering your every need.

Hog Roast Alresford Leaders In Our Field

Hog roast hire Alresford will provide you with the means and know how to personalise your own special day with a touch of your own cooking skills by renting you our state of the art spit roasters. We will deliver the equipment to your required destination and instruct you on how to use the roaster, we can also supply you with the produce although you can provide your own meats that is entirely up to you, the choice is yours. Speaking of that all important produce, we only use the finest produce for our hog roasters with the finest in locally sourced ingredients with the most aromatic herbs and spices sure to season any of our selection of meats to perfection. Using one of our hog roasters doesn’t limit you to using pork as your main protein we also offer a different choice of other meats guaranteed to make the mouth water, our Spring Lamb is a particular favourite for our customers seasoned with fresh mint and slow cooked to perfection making the meat soft and succulent or with white meat alternatives with our Thyme seasoned Chicken being a firm fancy and our beautiful plump Turkeys perfect for that Christmas party, these meats are also great for the smaller function where a pig could be too much in that case. You need not worry about hosting your very own original hog roast party if you consider hiring because our staff are there and are willing to help you with any qualms you may have and are glad to answer any questions you may have about our specialist equipment.

canapeOur staff are highly trained and all obey the Food and Hygiene laws and regulations set by our government. We are offering you the chance to wow your neighbours and amaze friends and family with this unique and very original form of catering brought direct to you, no event is too small our hog roasters easily fit in to the most modest of size garden with comfort and room for you and your guests to mingle happily, it provides a great centre piece to any party especially in winter when you all gather round the spit and take in the smell and warmth from the pig roasting slowly, we can also operate indoors just in case the weather decides to take a turn for the worse and spoil your outdoor planned event so again that really does eliminate problems for you allowing you to enjoy the celebrations the way it should be on special days such as weddings and birthdays. Hog roasting really is the way forward for outdoor or indoor catering, it simply is cost effective with one pig feeding around 100 people comfortably, we also eliminate staffing problems, with it basically being self service there is no need for extra expenditure on waiting staff again taking up money that could be spent elsewhere on making your event that bit more special. People have been using this method of cooking for thousands of years all over the world but how many have you actually tried this ancient art of cookery, if you have not, why not? It also is a very healthy way of cooking great food with the greatest of ease our up to date spit roasters are almost completely self sustaining all it doesn’t do is cut the meat off and serve it you itself, we are still working on that one, so be different and original and try a hog roast machine for yourself, we promise that you will not be disappointed with the results.