Hog Roast Waterlooville

Surrey - pork3Waterlooville is a town with history woven into the fabric of the place. A place where community spirit counts and the nature of the town really matters and that goes for every part of the town, from its people to its services. Here at hog roast Waterlooville we believe we play an important role in making sure that we provide a consummate catering service that the community can rely on to cater its many and varied events. From small and large private parties, to weddings, corporate events, charity fundraisers or fairs, we have seen and done it all, and continue to cater for all manner of events, from the tiny to the grand. It’s a matter of principle for us that we never turn down a job because it’s too small or too large. Our services are for everyone, and we believe everyone will thoroughly enjoy what we have to offer.

We’re principally a hog roast Waterlooville caterer, that means the bulk of our business is centred on putting on hog roasts at many different events catering mainly to weddings and seasonal holidays therefore it is sometimes difficult to find work, however with the ability to transport the tools and machines needed to surrounding areas it is often possible to get work every other day.  Of course, roasting a hog is a specialist field and, because of this, only the best chefs and caterers are employed within the business.  Several packages are available through the company, ranging from just chefs and catering assistants to including waitresses, exclusive menus and front of house people.  It is also able to simply hire or buy a spit for personal use, which are perfectly user-friendly, astounding reliability and are completely leak free.

The Best Hog Roasts In Waterlooville

Devon - potato wedgesYou’ve never experienced heat in the kitchen until you see a hog roast hire Waterlooville in action, having to work quickly and efficiently in order to process and complete all orders for each customer before they dehydrate from the saliva pouring from their mouths at the mere sight of the slowly turning pig. All of this has to be done to the highest standard and quality, not just of cooking and culinary skills but also with perfect hygiene, including protecting the delicious meat from the insect guests who cannot stay away. All of this has to be done by the chef simultaneously as he slaves away in tremendous heat by the spit, especially on a hot day and even then the pig can still take at least six hours to cook which means our chefs must possess legs of steel and a strong resistance to heat.

The life of a Spitting pig chef may not be the easiest but is extremely fulfilling our chefs are trained in the ancient art of hog roasting, dating back hundreds of years which is necessary in order to know exactly which cuts of pork compliment the taste of others and how to cook and serve only the best cuts from hand selected hogs of the highest quality in order to deliver a plethora of the most delicious meats with mouth watering succulence.  Our only goal is to provide perfect pigs for our valued customers and to maintain our astounding reputation in order to keep business flowing smoothly.

Lots of people opt for us to either bring the roast ready made to their event, or alternatively, roast the pig onsite – using one of our custom-designed spit-roast machines. Their party/guests can then either queue up or be served by our optional waiting staff to receive their pork served up in a roll with crackling, apple sauce and stuffing. But this really is just one of many ways in which to utilise our services – the truth is that we have a lot of strings to our bow. For starters, pigs are not where the roasting stops – we roast spring lamb, whole turkeys and chicken, sirloin of beef, ribs, and all your other barbecue favourites – not to mention roast potatoes. All of this goes into the heart of our menu – a main course consisting of your choice of meat. But the rest of the menu is composed of a diverse and eclectic range of chef inspired canapés, vegetarian dishes, side dishes and desserts. So, you can see how we might be able to cater for all range of events, from the informal to glitzy. Our ability to adapt is what makes hog roast hire Waterlooville stand out.