Hog Roast Chichester

canapeThe captivating cathedral city of Chichester is a uniquely located area of Britain. Being itself a historical city of great interest, residents of Chichester are lucky enough to find themselves also slap bang in the middle of some of the country’s most glorious countryside, including the South Downs National Park. If that wasn’t enough, this glorious location is also only minutes away from the beautiful beaches of England’s South Coast. Add to this that the city is the cultural hub of Hampshire, with theatres and galleries aplenty, and it becomes clear that there are few better places to live or visit in the UK.

With such a lot going on the city, and with such a variety of activities and interests to choose from, it could be easy to overlook the culinary delights of Chichester. But the city is alive with great flavours, traditional British fare in the restaurants and cafes, as well as more varied cuisines from across the globe. The catering industry is alive and well in Chichester, and with all manner of events occurring throughout the year, it is crucial that the forerunners of catering deliver their best to the city. That is where the Spitting Pig Hog Roast Company comes in. As one of the founders of the recent hog roast Chichester revival, Spitting Pig has endeavoured to bring tantalising tastes to fans of traditional food at all hog roast Chichester events.

The city is a local government stronghold, with three levels of government administered within its borders. This alone leads to constant conventions, meetings, and lectures taking place in the city. Each of these will need to be catered by somebody, and we at hog roast Chichester believe there is no better way to make sure such an event is a success, than to leave all who attend with the memories of a succulent hog roast.

The city is also home to the Chichester Cathedral, as well as many beautiful churches. The amount of weddings that take place here would be impossible to keep count of. Every wedding must be followed by a reception that will make all who attend take notice, feel jealous that it’s not their own day, and, be awestruck by the splendour that the happy couple have provided. In Chichester, a hog roast at the wedding is the way to go. Our staff know how to provide the perfect catering service at a wedding, and the flavours we provide are unmatched in the industry. If you want your friends to be talking about the best Chichester wedding they ever witnessed, then hog roast Chichester is the way to go.

Hog Roast Chichester Leaders In Our Field

Vegetarian SkewersChichester hog roast hire also offer their customers the option of roasting their own hog, this proves very popular in Chichester. You can hire out our titan machines for the day, this option gives you the chance to show off our calving skills to all of your guests and wow them with the smell and look of the hog cooking at your event, don’t worry about finding a pig we can also provide you with a freshly prepared pig or a different meat if you like all ready to roast so you don’t have to do anything! You will also be provided with a canister of gas to heat the machine, pigs usually tend to take around 6 hours to cook so when you’ve popped it in you can sit back and relax until its time to serve your guests.

Are you feeling a little cold this winter, wanting to cheer your self up or give your self a well earned break, our winter warmer menu is now available, hog roast Chichester love catering for you at Christmas so why not let our professional team do all the hard work. Our menu comprises of spit roasted turkeys or pig served with a selection of winter vegetables, potatoes, cranberry sauce and gravy and not forgetting we offer a vegetarian option of Spanish Quiche, Made with Peppers, Mushrooms and Onions.

Chichester will be host to all manner of events in the coming months. We have festivals, theatre nights, readings, concerts, and cook-offs. And that is without even mentioning the multitude of birthday parties, stag-dos, hen-dos, and anniversaries. If you want your Chichester event to stand out above the rest, then hog roast Chichester can make that happen. Pick up the phone today.