Hog Roast Fordingbridge

pig 11Fordingbridge is a picturesque town at the edge of the New Forest surrounded by countryside. One of the main features of the town is the Great Bridge with seven arches and the town dates back to the 13th century. It is also a very historical town as there is the Rockbourne Roman Villa to visit; stately houses, gardens and a museum. Its name comes from the word Forde translated as bridge. The pretty River Avon also runs through it and there is plenty to do.

I would now like to introduce the hog roast, in olden times they used to put a pig on a spit roast, now if you use a hog roast machine you can cook anything from pork to free range chickens. Hog roast Fordingbridge just does not supply the meat but a range of menus to go with it including fish such as salmon or vegetarian dishes. We can supply salads such a Waldorf salad, or a basic salad, potatoes, seasonal vegetables, canapés and puddings such as a Chocolate torte. If you require a more complex menu we can supply drinks on arrival, we also include everything that you need from serviettes waiting on staff if required. We are also flexible we can deviate from a set menu and produce a menu suited to your tastes if Uncle Sam wants apple pie and custard we can add it on to your menu. Hog roast Fordingbridge has a reputation for making the hosts dream come true.

Now George one of our customers had been to a hog roast before, and wanted to do one of his own. He rang up and ordered the lamb and hog roast machine. Hog roast hire Fordingbridge delivered it, demonstrated it to him and arranged to pick it up the next day. He set it up and as the meat cooked in its own juices he had time to mix with his guests. The cooking process was simpler than he thought and still had time to enjoy his anniversary party. Everyone complimented him on the lamb it became a sort of talking point and his wife was impressed. Hog roast hire Fordingbridge picked it up the following day and he booked it for another event later in the year. Aunty May had too much wine and made him dance to Lady Gaga with her he said that was an experience.

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Surrey - bread4If you need to contact us, you can use the enquiry form on the website or call us and we will send you some quotes with sample menus. After we would meet for a coffee our customers always come back as they are surprised at how carefully we listen to them so we get things just right. Our staff are cheerful and second to none, our chefs first class and with many years’ experience in the business we can help make your event a success. We also clear up after ourselves and our hog roast machines are CE marked, regularly checked and meet all health and safety standards.

Have a look around the remains of Rockbourne Roman Villa that was once part of a large farm and dates back to the Iron Age. You can also see the remains of the bath houses and the underfloor heating. There is also the Fordingbridge Museum housing the paintings of Augustus John including the story of a famous smuggler. Augustus John was a colourful character who originated from Pembrokeshire and started out as a etchist/ draughtsman. He was married twice and Ian Fleming’s mother had a daughter to him. He became a portrait painter and received various accolades see the museum for more information and see his handlebar moustache. Open from visitors from April until the end of September the Elizabethan Manor House and Countryside Museum are near to Fordingbridge.

Braemar House can be hired for Weddings, private parties and would be ideal for a hog roast. The Braemar Countryside Museum shows what it was like to live centuries ago. There are over four pubs two of them serve food. Have a quiet drink while taking in the ambience of the pretty town or eat at the grill or Chinese restaurant. For the family try the Equestrian centre or a forest walk. Try ghost spotting at Braemar House see if you can Christian Dodington killed by her mad son. We will put the coffee on and wait until you get in touch we may have a piece of our chocolate torte as well.