Hog Roast Eastleigh

Northamptonshire - salad1Ever considered what your perfect job would be? Well, I think my job offering hog roasts and hog roast hire Eastleigh catering services in all areas of the UK has to be one of the very best. What makes my job so great? It has to be the reaction and feedback I get whenever I undertake a new hog roast event. People seem to love hog roast Eastleigh style catering everywhere I go and they love the whole sense of occasion. It does look pretty special when everything is setup. The hog roast machine is a rather impressive looking gadget and you get lots of admiring looks as people stare at it like a small child looking in a Christmas shop window. I also think people love it because they have often never seen meat on a spit before, so to see a whole pig slowly roasting away is a bit of a novelty for them. It also sends out some amazing aromas, too, and that always helps draw a crowd.

Providing hog roast and hog roast hire Eastleigh services takes me absolutely everywhere throughout the UK and that is something that I really enjoy. I’ve always liked travelling so this is a fantastic of doing just that. You get to attend some really great events and meet some lovely people. And of course, because people love hog roast so much, they are always in fine spirits and really positive. I must have provided hog roast Eastleigh catering for hundreds of events by now and, if anything, I seem to be getting busier by the week. Hog roast and hog roast services seem to be in demand like never before so I am up and down the motorway more or less every day. A lot of the calls come from people who have been to a hog roast event elsewhere and were that impressed that they wanted a hog roast for their event…and of course, I am happy to oblige!

Leaders in our Field

I do seem to get a real mixture of events to provide hog roast for Eastleigh. I seem to be getting more and more business type events recently and I think this is mainly down to people wanting quality food but on a tight budget. Obviously, hog roast is brilliant for that as it can feed so many for a relatively low cost yet it tastes like a real quality meal. I expect I’ll get more jobs like this because hog roasts can look really smart when all carved and plated up.

I get to do plenty of casual occasions, too. You see, hog roasts are one of those foods that can do posh and casual really well so it is ideal for any type of event, really. It’s Surrey - pig17something I sort out in advance so it’s all in hand before I start. The formal occasions are actually great fun because everyone is looking really smart and I am determined to make their meal an utterly fantastic one. It may be a wedding day or a civil partnership reception, so you want to help make every last aspect of the couple’s day totally brilliant. For these events, I really turn on the style and finely carve the hog roast so it plates up like it was served in a top London restaurant. If I say so myself, a plate of hog roast meat along with the crackling, the sauce and the accompaniments always looks incredible and there is many a time that I would loved to have sat down and tucked in myself, but instead I stand there and look every bit the proud chef. Rightly so, too. My hog roast catering service is something that I am incredibly proud of and hope to carry on the tradition of hog roasting for many more years to come.

Informal events require just the same level of professionalism but the meat is usually served differently. Rolls and sauces are the favourite option for these sorts of events and these probably make up the majority of the events I undertake. I have provided hog roasts for pubs, hotels, country houses, school fairs, working lunches at offices, garden parties… you name it, I’ve done it. All corners of the UK have seen me and my hog roast catering services. The fact that I am so busy must mean that the hog roast is a nationwide winner!