About Spitting Pig Hampshire

The Southampton Hog Roast Catering Company

aboutus-168x300My name is Richard Leaning founder and owner of Spitting Pig Hampshire which is a proud member of the Spitting Pig group. Spitting Pig Hampshire began over eight years ago and had humble beginnings my father at the time had an old hog roast machine in our garden and he was an expert at cooking with it. He would use the traditional methods and roast the pig over charcoal whilst turning the pig by hand. The meat was so tender and juicy at every party we had all of our guests would comment on how beautifully tasty the pork was. I was always mesmerised at the care and attention my dad gave to preparing the meal it was often the highlight of the summer when we pulled out the old machine from the garden shed and he would spend hours preparing and slowly cooking the meat. My father over the years passed on his wisdom to me and by it wasn’t before long that we cooked for our summer parties together.

A Developed, Successful Business

We always had requests from family friends to borrow our machine but no one seemed to be able to replicate our result. It was at this point that I suggested to my father that we may have something to offer the people of Bishop’s Waltham, so I placed a few small adverts in the local butchers where we sourced our pigs and let out the word that Leaning and Sons where offering the best in traditional quality hog roasts for any event. The response was literally overwhelming and we soon found our entire summer fully booked, at what started out as a hobby had suddenly grown into a nice season business. We continued like this a for several years working locally relying on limited advertising and word of mouth to fill up our summer and we continued to have success.

About Spitting Pig Hampshire

Every year we found ourselves turning down so much work and I had big ambitions for Leaning and Sons and was yearning to scale up the business. However my father not been the young man he once had earned his retirement twice over and decided to leave the business in my sole owner ship, also in the same year our old faithful hog roaster also decided to retire to the sun. I needed to find a new reliable and easy to use machine so I could transform my business into the catering operation i knew it deserved. That when I found the Spitting Pig company with some expert guidance from Stephen and the team I was soon equipped with the best Hog Roast Hampshire equipment money could buy. After a hugely successful summer I was invited to join the Spitting Pig group and jumped at the chance. We are now in our 8th year as a member of Spitting Pig and now run four different catering teams and work at large and small event right across the county.

Indulge Over Unforgettable Flavours

About Spitting Pig Hampshire

Welcome to hog roast catering in Hampshire. Based in Portsmouth and Gosport, we are an event catering company specialising in hog roasting.
For eight years now we have catered for the areas of Hampshire. A family run business, we are driven to ensuring you and your guests enjoy the best experience possible, using every one of those years of experience to provide you with the tastiest food possible. We ensure that all of the meat you eat is locally reared produce, guaranteeing you the best of British, and if you hire out one of our machines, you can be assured that it is tested rigorously to ensure the highest of standards in both safety and usage – all of our machines are CE marked.

At Spitting Pig Hampshire, we can quite literally cater for any event. Thinking about getting married this year? Why not have your reception with us? Using just one of our machines, we can serve up to 400 guests. Birthday just round the corner? Why not celebrate in style with a hog roast, and have a birthday party you and your guests will never forget. We can cater for literally any event you like, and for any number of guests. What’s more, location isn’t an issue. Our machines do not require electricity, meaning you can enjoy your hog roast anywhere you like. Our machines are 700mm wide with removable legs, meaning they can be transported through a standard doorway in any given venue. At Hog Roast Hampshire, we have been in this business now for over eight years. We started with rather modest roots, initially catering on a part time basis. As our popularity grew, so did our passion for hog roast catering. We now do this on a full time basis so you can be sure of our commitment. We want you to have the best event possible, and using our expertise, we are very confident of providing this for you.

The hog roast catering experience is one not to be missed. If you have never experienced a hog roast before, then you’re in for a treat. The smells and aromas produced by the hog roast will have you and your guests salivating, and seeing a full hog cooked before your very eyes is indeed a sight to behold. When the roasted hog is wheeled out in front of you and your guests, you will notice how well prepared it is, and it will make for the perfect centrepiece at your event. Hog roast catering has never been easier or more accessible. All of our machines are very easy to use and even the most novice of chefs will not experience any difficulty in using them. Our hog roast machines are just like large ovens, so all you have to do is put the meat on the tray, cook on a low heat and before you know it, you and your guests will be enjoying a meal to remember.