Wedding Catering For 200 At The Tournerbury Woods Estate

When Hog Roast Hayling Island were asked to cater at the evening reception for a wedding at The Tournerbury Woods Estate we were thrilled and delighted to be part of this event.  Here at Hog Roast Hayling Island, we clearly understand that a couple’s wedding is one of the most important events of their lives and we always ensure that our service is professional, friendly and high quality and with precise attention to detail.  We are aware that there are many good caterers for this type of event but what makes us great, is this meticulous attention to detail and the high quality of our food and service.

Pig 10 Hog Roast Hayling Island has six menus available for wedding events ranging from an entry level option through to more formal options with evening buffet options too and we know that the choice of menu for this type of event is crucial to its success.  For this occasion, the client wanted service for 200 guests that included the hog roast with a variety of salads, and a vegetarian option of veggie skewers.

Event planning is a fundamental part of our seamless service and once we arrived at the venue, we liaised with the organisers to discuss the arrangements and began to set up.  Preparation is the key to success for any event but especially for a wedding as there is so much going on and everyone wants to enjoy the day rather than worrying about things going wrong, hence we always ensure that meticulous planning and preparation occurs to ensure that all expectations are met and we were very clear on what time we needed to arrive and to set up to be able to cater for the guests.

We started up the hog roast around an hour before serving; once the hog roast was up to temperature, the guests arrived for their food with many commenting how tasty it was and how amazing the crackling tasted and Hog Roast Hayling Island were very proud to be part of this fabulous day.