Hog Roast Whitehill – Shop Opening Event

After the snow storms at the weekend the weather is a lot milder and we have been travelling near and far catering for customers old and new with Hog Roast Whitehill. We were catering for Jim and Lisa a few days ago they have a shop in town and had just had a full refurbishment and wanted to have an opening party to show off what they had done! We were pleased to agree and arrived early.

Jim and Lisa were rushing around doing last minute preps on the opening event and we left them to it as we began to cook. We set up the larger of our machines and filled it with sausages and potatoes we then set up our large prep table and started to make the other dishes. We made some vegetable skewers and some corn on the cob easy finger food and extremely tasty. We made some fillings for the potatoes cheese and chive, tuna and sweet corn and spicy rice filling. We made a wonderful coleslaw and side salad too and piled up all the plates and cutlery and we were ahead on time as we tweaked the finishing touches.

Jim and Lisa stood outside and addressed the crowd thanking them for coming and cut the ribbon and were given a huge round of applause. The shoppers had a look around the shop and were making purchases and we had a huge line of shoppers all lined to taste our  Hog Roast Whitehill delights! The sausages were placed in finger buns and handed out the smell was mouth watering our sausages are one hundred percent beef and of the highest quality. The potatoes were light and fluffy we filled them with the fillings we had made and the guests helped themselves to salads and slaws. Everyone was coming over complimenting us on the food saying the food was ‘exceptional’ and numerous good compliments we never tire of hearing these things. Jim and Lisa came over and gave us a hug they said as always we had excelled ourselves and they couldn’t thank us enough. The shop was filled with shoppers and as we left to go home we felt as always proud that we had again done a good job.