Hog Roast Wareham’s Stunning Standalone Menus

Here at Hog Roast Wareham, our hard-working, experienced chefs have spent many years perfecting all kinds of different menus, including our famous signature food of course, but also plenty of choice and variety in order to ensure that all our customers and their guests are treated to delicious, homemade possibilities that cater not only for differing personal tastes but also for special diets and bigger appetites.

You’re always welcome to choose to feast on one of our scrumptious hog roasts, of course, but it may be better for your special occasion to feature something else. With one of our stunning Hog Roast Wareham standalone menus, we can impress your guests no end with fresh and tasty food that saves you from having to make any difficult choices when devising your own menu. We’ve taken the stress out of it by offering you and your guests fabulous options all there ready for you to select and we’re sure that you’ll be wowed just as much as everyone you invite to your next party or event.

hog roast Wareham Depending on your guests’ needs and your particular wants, one of our standalone menus will be a perfect fit, like our luscious Loaded Fries, with chips that are topped with brisket of beef or pulled pork, as well as a spicy or zesty slaw and lots of melting cheese, or our yummy Barbecue Menu, full of your favourite meaty goodness including our chef’s own sausages, British beef burgers, spare ribs and chicken kebabs.

You may prefer to indulge in a lovely Southern Slow Roast, which is where we serve three types of meat (marinated in advance and then slow-roasted for several hours on the day) together with four sides (hot, cold or a combination of the two), and you get to choose three meats from a possible five and four sides from nine. Our recently added, amazing Alfresco Menu may be just the ticket instead, where you get to enjoy Italian meats, cheeses and breads, followed by a sumptuous hog roast and then finished off perfectly with desserts.

Regardless of the menu you’d love to try, contact Hog Roast Wareham today and we’ll make it happen!