Hog Roast Hythe Is Here For All Your Business Needs!

Have you got a business meeting coming up and a client to impress? Well, say no more. With a little help from Hog Roast Hythe, you are sure to win them over and strike that all-important deal! Our authentic hog roast menus are to die for – but don’t just take our word for it, why not give us a call so you can try one out for yourself?

One client who is so glad he got in touch with Hog Roast Hythe is Thomas. With just less than one week to spare before a huge corporate meeting, the client reached out to our team to make an enquiry about our menus. Right away, he was super impressed with the range of catering packages we have on offer, and before too long he had picked out the corporate hospitality menu 3, which just so happens to be our most popular menu at the minute since it is ideal for outdoor serves.Hog Roast Sutton Scotney

Almost 30 people were scheduled to attend the business meeting and since a couple of them were vegetarians, Thomas had also asked us to make sure a meat-free alternative was on the menu for them. To his delight, Hog Roast Hythe has a fair few vegetarian and vegan dishes to choose from, and for this occasion, the client had opted for our BBQ pulled jackfruit wraps with leafy salads which coupled perfectly with the inclusive side dishes.

Hog Roast Hythe spent several hours under the catering gazebo, lovingly preparing the traditional hog roast feast with sides of warm new potatoes in herb butter, creamy coleslaw, mixed fries and bright and colourful side salads which were all ready to be served just in time for the guests’ arrival. The full-sized pig which had been immersed in our homemade savoury stuffing sure made for an impressive welcome for the guests who quickly formed a line and waited to receive a generous platter of the tantalising food!

Thomas was over the moon with how professional our team were, and what made the day even better was that he managed to secure the contract!