Hog Roast Havant – Food Festival!

One of the great things about our hog roast machines and cooking methods, is the volume of people we can feed using minimal equipment. We don’t need to transport an entire kitchen with us to be able to produce the high-quality food that we do, which is why Hog Roast Havant are able to cook anywhere, for any amount of people.

We were able to demonstrate this last week when we were asked to cater at a local food festival. The event organisers wanted us to produce enough food for 200 people but with so many other stalls and things going on, they didn’t want us to take up too much space. Not a problem for Hog Roast Havant!

Although we have a vast range of menus to suit all occasions, this time we were asked to keep it simple and do what we are best known for: a traditional hog roast with crispy crackling, served in fresh soft buns and accompanied by our homemade sweet, smooth apple sauce. So our chef spent the day patiently roasting the hog, working side by side other local food producers, without stepping on anyone’s toes. Perhaps we’re biased, but we think our hog roast produced the most enticing aroma out of all the food that was being prepared there though!

As soon as the gates opened, the orders started coming in thick and fast. The crowds flocked to our marquee, eager to sample the succulent hog roast and see if it tasted as good as it smelled, which if course, it did! Our experienced team were easily able to handle the amount of orders they were receiving and dealt with every customer in an equally friendly and efficient manner. We are always more than happy to chat with everyone and answer any questions you have about our hog roast services and cooking methods, as we are very passionate about what we do and never miss an opportunity to let people know that! It’s always great for Hog Roast Havant to spend the day feeding people who are as passionate about high quality locally produced food as we are!