Hiring A Hog Roast Droxford Machine!

It was in summer last year that I made the decision to propose to my girlfriend Jess, and I had to make it extra special. On bonfire night I took her out for a lovely meal at a local restaurant in Droxford where they have a lovely balcony to watch the fireworks in the evening. The restaurant knew I was going to propose and they went to a great effort liaising with me to make the moment right! It was when we headed out onto the balcony I went down on one knee and popped the question – as soon as she said yes the fireworks started! I can honestly say it was perfect and I wanted our engagement party to be just as perfect, after all I had in-laws to impress now!

Me and Jess both decided on a hog roast but we wanted to put our own twist on it which is where Hog Roast Droxford came in and helped, they suggested hiring our own hog roast machine and cooking ourselves, what better way to impress than that! At our own party we didn’t want to be responsible for the pig while we were trying to mingle with our guests so that’s where my dad came in! Fantastic at BBQ’s, granted, he’s never done a hog roast before but Hog Roast Droxford put us at ease and with their expert advice on the day that the machine was delivered my dad was even more confident that he could pull it off! The rest of the buffet was put together with the help of both our closest family.

9The guests were arriving and watching my dad cooking the pig was fantastic, Hog Roast Droxford told my dad when he needed to keep checking the pig so he could still enjoy the party while keeping an eye on the pig! When it came to serving, that’s where I stepped in and helped, I really enjoyed getting involved and being behind the pig with my dad as we piled our guests plates high, which was an experience in itself! When I finally tucked into mine it was absolutely delicious, who would have thought my dad would be able to cook such a great tasting pig? I don’t think anyone expected it to taste as good as it did, the flavours were unbelievable. We didn’t expect it to be as easy as it was, to say we had never done a hog roast before we did a great job. It was much easier than I first expected, massive thanks to my dad for stepping in and being our chef for the evening.

It was great to have both of our families together, enjoying great food and it was made that extra bit special by cooking it ourselves. Best of all the in-laws were impressed so that’s some good brownie points for me!

I just need an excuse to do it all again now.