Hog Roast Aldershot Welcome in the New Year!

A new year means another year of hog roasts for Hog Roast Aldershot and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

For the transition into two thousand and nineteen we have been asked to provide catering at Julie and Gary’s new year’s party. They were celebrating the end of what had been a fantastic year for them with friends and family all coming together for a fancy-dress party. They had chosen the theme of ‘memes of 2018’ for the fancy dress so were expecting to see lots of hilarious costumes from the past year.

Hog Roast Aldershot were tasked with providing the food for approximately fifty guests and the bar was set high as we were reminded that this would be the last meal of the year and needed to be one to remember. With a few weeks still to go we had plenty of time to create the perfect menu for the party guests. Julie and Gary decided they wanted a simple yet tasty meal of a classic slow roasted hog that we serve in freshly baked rolls. The succulent meat, that we roast for several hours just falls off the bone and tastes delicious served in a variety of rolls or wraps. This is traditionally all topped off with our chef’s homemade apple sauce and sage and onion stuffing. The cherry on the top of the cake, is always our crispy crackling. By scoring the hog and carefully massaging in lots of salt and water our Hog Roast Aldershot team are able to ensure nothing but brilliant crackling every time.

Julie and Gary were delighted with our menu and we assured them that it’s part of our policy to wrap up any leftovers and make sure we clean everything away after ourselves, so they and their guests would have nothing to worry about but ringing in the new year in style!