30th Birthday With Hog Roast Worting

Wherever we go we get orders from guests at events. We always carry lots of cards with us and leave them at events and we always get calls back and bookings and the same happened at the weekend. We were catering for a birthday party for a 30th birthday with Hog Roast Worting, the event was held in a church hall. Eva was the name of the lady and she had just recently moved back here as she spent a good few years in the USA. All her family and friends were coming and we were asked to cater for 150 guests.

Upon arrival we chatted to Eva and she said Hog Roast Worting came highly recommended from a friend who had been to a previous event. Our staff set to work immediately and placed beef and lamb on the machine as the meet cooked we were busy making vegetable skewers a simple dish just a case of threading vegetables on metal sticks and putting them onto cook. We made a good selection of salads and slaws and placed lots of buns and wraps in an assortment of flavours in baskets. We are always ahead of time as we have done this for so long we are now experts in what we do. When the guests arrived we carved the beef and lamb and we must say the smell was fantastic! The meat was sliced and placed on servers the guests helped themselves to the food and they were all coming up to us asking details about parties? We handed out some cards of what we do and lots were keen to book from us. Eva said she felt so proud that her family and friends were so impressed and she said it was her best birthday ever!

As we cleared away we were already receiving emails from the guests that wanted to book us for a Hog Roast Worting. And even on the way home we were receiving calls from some too! That is most definitely the greatest compliment of all and it happens time and time again and that is firm proof that we are doing it right. Very proud caterers we are here at Hog Roast Worting.