Picking Your Own Bespoke Menu with Hog Roast Whitchurch

Hog Roast HampshireVariety is the spice of life… and event dining! Here at Hog Roast Whitchurch we know that know customer’s tastes are ever the same, and though we would love to just have our signature hog roast alone out at every event, we are more than happy to open up our menus to all manner of suggestions and requests.

With Hog Roast Whitchurch, you get the foods you want served in the style you want. Most come to us for our roasts as it is our speciality, but that speciality has also been known to sidle into other adjacent cooking styles and dishes, such as our very popular gourmet barbecue, our rotisserie chickens, and even, more recently, our meat and veggie pies – a new fan favourite that comes straight off our own speciality with roasted meats.

What we’re saying is that here at Hog Roast Whitchurch, you have the option of your own bespoke menu for your events. Having worked in this industry for over twenty years, we can confidently say that every event is indeed unique, and as such the dining has to be crafted uniquely for each, too. Bespoke means just that; it is dining made specifically for your event and your event alone, so to do so we allow you to craft your own menu from the beginning.

You will of course see a list of pre-set menus already on our site. These are to give you an idea of the types of experiences that we are already popular for, and these menus have been well refined over the years to appeal to most events broadly. You can take any one of these as is, or even alter them to your own wants. For example, if like the look of our al fresco platters but want a barbecue as your main dining, then we can easily slide that fine meat and cheese platter as a starter or canape-like selection for the start of your event. You can switch and change how you like and even make requests that you might not see on our menu – that is how our newly popular pies came to be, after all.

Hog Roast HampshireSo, get bespoke dining with Hog Roast Whitchurch today by coming and chatting to our team now!