Max’s BBQ Hog Roast in Tangley

This weekend I held a 50th birthday for a gentlemen named Max in the small village of Tangley. This was held in a stunning open garden owned by Max himself. He had decided on the Classic Hog Roast Menu with a BBQ twist which would work for a sunny day in Tangley. I arrived on site and set up the hog roast and equipment ready to start cooking as guests arrived. Before any of the guests arrived I prepared the fresh leafed salads and applied my special dressings. This Gourmet BBQ menu is a real taste of summer as you can smell the delicious scent aromas drifting through the Tangley summer’s air. The meat is grilled to the guests liking for homemade Sausages and Beef Burgers and freshly marinated Chicken and BBQ Ribs. As I served the meats around 1pm many more guests where coming back up for seconds and complimenting the food served. Overall it was a lovely day with plenty of delicious ranges of Hog Roasted BBQ meat to suit the time of year and the sun that was glazing down.

maxs bbq


I would like to say there was plenty of meat left over for Max to use afterwards but everyone demolished it which can only be a good sign! Thanks for your custom Max.