A Hog Roast Treat for a Slimming Club!

Devon - pig7A few days ago, Hog Roast Fleet had the pleasure of cooking for the 25 members of a ladies only slimming club, who had all encouraged and supported each other into losing a very impressive amount of weight! The ladies had all tried fad diets over the years and they had never worked, but this particular slimming club wasn’t about denying yourself everything, instead it was about making the right choices and eating in moderation. It certainly worked, if the before and after pictures they had proudly mounted on the wall for the party were anything to go by!

Having all now reached their target weight loss goal, the girls decided they had to do something to celebrate by having a party in the church hall where they have their weekly meetings! They all felt like they deserved a treat, but at the same time, they didn’t want to undo all of their hard work and discipline, so they needed a catering company who could offer them a little bit of indulgence, but with plenty of guilt-free healthy options thrown in! This is why they chose Hog Roast Fleet, because we can provide the perfect balance of rich flavoursome meat and indulgent crispy crackling, served alongside an array of fresh, nutritious and waistline-friendly salads, with flavour combinations to excite any palette!

The ladies went for Hog Roast Fleet’s fresh and zingy crispy Thai salad, light and fresh green leaves, and our sweet carrot and Devon - saladsorange salad with sesame dressing. They also decided to opt out of having bread or a potato option to cut down on the carbs, so they could enjoy their feast without having to count the calories! The old adage ‘a little bit of what you fancy does you good’ was certainly true for the weight loss ladies and their slimline hog roast buffet, as they all absolutely adored the food without feeling like they had overindulged! Here at Hog Roast Fleet, we are always happy to adapt our menus to meet the needs of our diners, and we were really glad we could give the ladies a well-deserved treat without them feeling like they had to hit the gym with a vengeance afterwards!