A Hog Roast in Alton For A Car Dealerships 50th Anniversary.

After The Break

After a manic weekend of weddings and christenings, our catering team had a well deserved week away from the job as we had no events to attend. However the weekend brought another flurry of events so the team were back hard at work. The largest job of the weekend was for a party to celebrate a car dealerships 50th anniversary in Alton, we held host to over 500 people so we needed to bring even more supplies than usual and an extra one of our hog roasting machines. Upon arrival early in the morning there were already hundreds there and more arriving. We had to get to work fast, and got straight to salting and seasoning the hog roast in Alton then starting the cooking progress. As the day went on the final guests arrived including the honorary guests and the atmosphere was buzzing and the environment was that of success and happiness. We hoped to mirror that feeling of success in our cooking, we had masses of clients to feed and needed to satisfy them, this job was huge for our growth as caterers. With so many mouths to feed we had to be organized and make sure we cooked everything to perfection and had to make sure enough food was cooked. Luckily we brought plenty of supplies including extra just to be safe.

Our meal was set to be served after the demonstration of one of the newest cars in the dealers range and after a long 6 hours of cooking and preparation we were ready to serve a grand meal. We’d cooked a large variety of food including hog roast Alton, lamb, burgers, sausages, salads, potatoes and desserts. Serving took a long time as there were so many mouths to feed but nonetheless it was worth it! All the attendees loved the food and praised us for the quality. As a caterer and chef you want to be proud of what you’ve made and with satisfied clients all around and smiles on the faces of one and all, we certainly made ourselves proud at this job and also proved just how exquisite the food we make can be.