A Great Feast Fit For A King – Hog Roast Ferndown

While you may well want to wow the guests at your next party or event with a spectacular, theatrical Hog Roast Ferndown hog roast centrepiece, our experts understand the need for alternatives as well as additional options, so whatever you need catering, we’ve got you covered. We can spit-roast your choice of meat instead, like whole chickens or turkeys, or a hunk of beef or lamb, but if you prefer, we can cook up a storm with a barbecue or one of our speciality standalone menus.

Hog Roast Ferndown
Southern Slow Roast

At any time of year, our Hog Roast Ferndown Southern Slow Roast or Loaded Fries menus are both a great choice, with the former giving you no less than three different meats (marinated and then roasted low and slow on the day), as well as four hot or cold sides, and the latter where we smother fresh-cooked fries with meat, slaw and cheese. While the carnivores you invite have such amazing possibilities, we can also provide tasty alternatives for special diets, like vegan, vegetarian or plant-based, as well for those with food allergies or intolerances.

Many of our guests are surprised to find out that our infamous pigs in buns can easily be made gluten-free, for example, as everything except the bread rolls and wraps are already suitable, so once we know that you need this option served, we can take along gluten-free substitutes.

If you’re thinking of having several courses served, we have a wide array of starters, sides and desserts on offer, as well as various handmade canap├ęs, so we really do have something for everyone and for any kind of special occasion that you may be organising.

Hog Roast Ferndown catered an event recently where we made heaps of pigs in buns for most guests, including someone with a gluten intolerance, but we also made our halloumi and vegetable wraps for the vegetarians. While the meat sizzled away, we freshly prepared all the other ingredients, and by 7pm, we had a scrumptious feast ready, fit for a king, and fit for everyone invited too, and we got ready to serve the hungry guests.