Hog Roast Broadstone – Standing The Tests Of Time With Our Modern Methods

Back in the day – and we’re talking way back when the likes of King Henry the Eighth were on the throne, and even further than that – the hog roast was considered the central point of any gathering. When ladies sporting corsetted dresses and intricate updo’s twirled on ballroom floors, and men in their stuffy shirts and er, interesting headwear were rarely caught without a tankard of ale in hand; featured at the core of the banquet table, with an apple-stuffed mouth, would always be a mahogany-golden pig surrounded by a variety of hearty sides.

Hog Roast BroadstoneTimes have certainly moved on since then, but whilst the fashion choices have stayed as part of their historical setting, the delicacy of the hog roast has evolved and transcended; allowing it to remain as one of the nation’s best-loved food cultures – much to our delight!

As avid enthusiasts of this ancient cooking art, the team here at Hog Roast Broadstone have spent years, working hard to ensure the original essence of the medieval spit roast lives on; while our more modern approach to cooking, serving and garnishing these deliciously-cooked pigs benefit from a low-maintenance touch that makes them inclusive to all event styles, sizes and budgets.

But perhaps our most striking evolution yet has been our Gourmet Delivery Service, which has completely shifted the way many of our customers and clients view the hog roast. Now an indulgent treat for any occasion, this highly-contemporary catering option allows for authentic spit-roast flavours to be enjoyed at home with no need for guests, or even a formal cause.

The stark contrast between history’s first hog roasts and Hog Roast Broadstone’s modern twist on the classic group-dining experience serves to show how things can develop over time – and our efforts have not gone unnoticed!

Since opening our diary to drop-offs, our crew have been inundated with requests from people everywhere, looking to try the unique option for themselves. And with the chance to delve into a juicy pig roll from the comfort of your sofa, who could blame them? So, if you too want to indulge in a lip-smacking feast, then place your order with Hog Roast Broadstone today!