Toasting to Work Achievements in the Sun with Hog Roast Alresford

Hog Roast HampshireAs a corporate caterer Hog Roast Alresford works with a tonne of independent start ups here in the UK. We ourselves are actually one having began as a small time caterer several decades ago now, before growing to be the successful franchisee with multiple branches all across the country that you see before you today. Coming from a similar past, we always have a lot of time for the local clients that we work with as a corporate caterer, so when we get a call like the one our Hog Roast Alresford team received the other week, we most assuredly can’t say no.

We were contacted by a longtime collaborator of ours who has frequently called upon Hog Roast Alresford’s corporate catering service over the last few years. This is a local startup in the tech industry that in the last few years has made strong headway as a supplier for larger and larger brands. The most recent call we took from them was one of the most excited we’ve seen of them, as they came with news that they had landed their biggest gig to date and wanted to celebrate with an afternoon event with their entire team. Of course, knowing that we supply delicious catering for local businesses, they came to us to help out.

This event had been on the cards for a couple of weeks. The initial order had been for a barbecue, hence why the date was set for the beginning of May. However the last few weeks of dreary rain had put slightly put our client off of the initial plans, and so a second idea was posed to plan out an alternative dining experience for an indoor event. We knew that we could still do the barbecue, even indoors, but the client preferred the idea of a more traditional roast if the event was to be held in office.

Thankfully, however, the sun had arrived this past week and so we quickly reverted back to the original plan of a summer barbecue. There was more than enough to toast to for our client’s team, and we did our duty in supplying the celebration with more than enough burgers, sausages, and pulled pork rolls!

Hog Roast HampshireThere’s no better way to toast to a business achievement than that!