Medstead caterers

Being Hog roast Medstead caterers have had a fantastic summer and really have had an amazing time we really don’t know where the time has gone and most are shocked to think we are talking about work! Yes work we love our job so much it really doesn’t feel like work we are so dedicated to our job and we have a whole bunch of loyal dedicated staff and customers that we really think we are truly blessed. We were catering for a corporate event at the weekend and a one that we are regulars at now hard work has brought us back to this event each year for the past six years and we always do a grand job. What makes us so special? You may well ask well apart from the great food we make and our loyal staff we are put our hearts and souls into each event and we are all about pleasing the guests. This weekend we brought with us three succulent pigs and some nice lamb and with the meats we made some crunchy moist roast potatoes and a lovely garnish for the potatoes as well as lots of nice healthy salad and yogurt dressings with lots of fresh mint sauce too! The even it a get together with lots of important people and is all about securing jobs and selling orders boosting the community so we know how important it is to make a good impression. When all the important people arrived we greeted them with a glass of wine or squash for our driving guests and our lovely staff chatted and made each one feel welcome as they mingled with the other guests they made there way into the board room fro talks as they got on with their work we got on with our to and put the finishing touches to the meat and all was ready as we stood waiting for the doors to open soon we had them all there waiting to be fed some of them told us that the smell had tem feeling starving and they certainly had worked up an appetite and we were old as usual the day had been a great success!