Celebrating All the Wonderful Women of Hog Roast Cadnam

In the UK, US, and Australia, March is officially Women’s History Month, coinciding with the round the world celebration of International Women’s Day on March 8th. Here at Hog Roast Cadnam, we have plenty of brilliant women that have helped to shape this company each and every single day, leading the way on our biggest events as chefs, giving customers prize service as servers, and propping up our business from the offices and manufacturing houses.

Hog Roast CadnamWe took a moment on the 9th to share our appreciation for the women of Hog Roast Cadnam on International Women’s Day. It is no understatement that each of them has helped us to get to where we are today. We also share the same sentiment with many of the clients we work with. Hog Roast Cadnam are as much a corporate caterer as we are a private and wedding caterer, meaning we are fortunate enough to work with a lot of local clients and businesses. There are some really brilliant women that we work with regularly, so our moment of appreciation also extends their way as their work and custom continues to allow us to do what we do each and every day.

Some may balk at the idea of having such days or showing such gestures of appreciation, but it is important to have it all the same. It is no secret that women have been underappreciated, especially in the working world where the same opportunities  have that always been afforded to them as men, or with the same respect or even percentage of pay. Hog Roast Cadnam is committed to making our workplace a place of quality and respect, and we expect every one of our events to be the same too. Taking even just a small moment like March 8th to share our respect for each other in the workplace is vital to show continued forward progress where it has previously lacked, so Hog Roast Cadnam are proud to celebrate the day and the overall month in March.

From all at Hog Roast Cadnam, we’d love if you did the same too. Happy Women’s History Month to all!