Upperchute catering award

We are proud to say we have just received a prestigious award a highly sought after award we must add one that is taken very seriously amongst caterers and we couldn’t be more proud of our selves! We received a letter last year saying that we had been short listed for the award and we had been nominated by our customers but to be honest we forgot all about it as we never thought we would win! Last week we received a letter saying we were in the top 3 and could we attend the presentation evening o n the following Saturday evening we arrived at the event in Upperchute all looking smart a change from usually wearing our hog roasting clothing! And it was nice having some one cook for us too and guess what we were treated to? Yes you are right pork and crackling with all the trimmings and we must say it was delicious, Hog roast hire Upperchute caterers sat nervously as they read out the third second and first winner and we nearly fell off the chair as they announced us as the winners! We were shaking as we went to the stage to collect our trophy and couldn’t believe it considering we have only been catering for just over a year we were given a huge round of applause and we thanked everyone who had voted for us and we said we felt honoured to be receiving this award. We had a few celebratory drinks in Upperchute and even had a few more and we thought why not this was our first evening out in a year and we thought we would make the most of it. We went home feeling very merry and the next day we placed the award on the window ledge in the office for all to see and bought a lovely silver frame and placed our certificate inside and hung that on the wall, we felt very proud and everyone that comes into the office we show the certificate and trophy too well why not its not often we get to blow our own trumpet and it feels so good!