We are all excited!

Tomorrow is the day we have been looking forward to since Christmas and we are all excited! We are hosting our first ever Wedding and we want it to be perfect, we are a fairly new business hand have been trading for not quite a year yet, but we are loving it all the same. Hog roast started as a hobby and something my Sister and I just did at weekends until a friend suggested we should do it full time we dismayed this at first but when I was made redundant last year and my Sister was not happy in her job it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a try, and we are so pleased that we did! Hog roast hire has been slowly building up and we are getting more confident and taking on more staff words of mouth is really doing us the world of good. The Wedding will be a big affair catering for three hundred day to evening we have a lot do, sit down lunch for day time we are serving vegetable soup like our Granny used to make! Family secret and we are proud to be using the recipe for main we are making succulent juicy pork served with crunchy crackling seasonal vegetables apple sauce and rich gravy truly yummy! For dessert we are making fruit salad all fresh like everything we do. After we get the Wedding lunch out the way we will be clearing away and cleaning the machines ready for the evening where we turn the machines into a barbeque we are out door and making beef burger and sausage in buns with onions and ketchup and French fries and we have hundreds of buns pre ordered from our fantastic Baker who we are lucky to have. This event has took a lot of organising and will be a challenge for us but we know we can pull it off and all great experience and a great addition to our ever growing portfolio, well we are now about to double check everything is ready and we cannot wait for tomorrow to finally arrive it cannot come quick enough!