70th Birthday Party with Hog Roast Midhurst

When our new customer Melissa contacted Hog Roast Midhurst to enquire about us catering her dad’s 70th birthday party, she let us know that she been recommended to us by more than one person. We’re proud that our long-term customers pass on their recommendations to others, as it means that we’re doing exactly what we set out to, by providing tasty food for all kinds of occasions and at a great price and ensuring that our service is first-class each and every time.

Hog Roast MidhurstMelissa told us that she was thinking of a surprise hog roast for her dad and most of the forty guests of friends and family members who would be invited, in order for us to make piles of pigs in buns, but she was concerned about some of the guests needing alternative options. With Hog Roast Midhurst, there is actually no need for concern, as we’ve spent many years perfecting our menus to include options for various diets such as vegetarian and gluten-free and if you need other diets catering, just let us know and we can work our magic to make sure every guest gets to enjoy our delicious dishes.

For Melissa’s vegetarian guests, we would make veggie skewers, packed full of halloumi, mushrooms, courgette, tomatoes, red onion and peppers and for her mum, who has a gluten intolerance, we would take along suitable bread rolls and she would be able to devour our pigs in buns just like the rest of the carnivore guests.

It came round to Melissa’s dad’s milestone birthday on Sunday and our Hog Roast Midhurst chef and catering assistants turned up in the morning to prepare the pig. Once our chef had scored the meat, covered it in plenty of water to keep it moist and then lots of salt to produce the crackling, it was set cooking for hours on end.

Later on in the afternoon, we freshly prepared the ingredients for the skewers and then grilled them to perfection, made the stuffing and dished it up together with our apple sauce and then finally our hog roast was beautifully cooked and ready to carve up.